Hey! I'm Eve ūüĎč

Founder, engineer, artist. Space queen.

After a surprise cancer diagnosis, I turned a lot to web3 and art as an escape. I believe that web3 is an opportunity for reinvention and rebirth. I'm interested in building things that can outlive us.

Dreambound Orbital is a space company that develops and launches experiments into orbit & beyond. We launched our first web3 payload to the International Space Station on December 15, 2022 with partners & participants such as: the Solana Foundation, Metaplex, Phantom, Brave, Magic Eden, Opensea, World of Women, Render Network, Backpack, Infinity Labs and more. Story here.

Clearbooks seamlessly integrates web3 with the rest of your accounting stack, built alongside accountants. If you recently raised venture and/or need to get serious about your web3 accounting, reporting and tracking, book a demo here or email us. We'd love to help.

Infinity Labs is a global creative community & interactive art project of 1111 unique scenes built to ignite creative escape using animation and AI. We built one of the first "collect & merge" mechanics to unlock animated artwork on the blockchain. We also launched art & stories to the International Space Station & to deep space in Dec 2022. Our community wiki is live here (1k+ pages, 5k+ edits), and we're building out a resource library to help our creative community.

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Contact / Social Media

@evesinfinity on twitter, dm me anytime! Here are the Infinity Labs, Clearbooks & Dreambound twitter pages as well.